Western Instruments N88-9B-M Basic Bridging Pit Gauge 5-1/2" Long, Metric Dial Indicator

Price: $ 460.00

Western Instruments N88-9B Basic Bridging Pit Gauge
Measuring Range: 0.0-0.5" (0.0 - 12.7 mm)
Resolution: 0.001" (0.01 mm)
Dial Diameter: 1.4" (35.5 mm)
Available with dial or digital indicators

The Western Instruments N88-9B Basic Bridging Pit Gauge allows the CorrosionInspector to Span over or Cantilever into Large Areas of WeightLoss Corrosion, to obtain accurate and consistentmeasurements, or cross sections, of Pit Depth. As conditionsdictate, the operator can simply use the Main Blade or canassemble the Bridging Pit Gauge up to an over all length of28 (725mm).

The contact Surfaces (Blades)of the Bridging Pit Gauge arefitted with an exclusive KnifeEdge, so they can be used onFlat, ID (Convex), and OD(Concave) Surfaces, where aflat or notched contact surfacecan introduces error onConvex Surfaces. Like ourStandard Pit Gauges, theKnife Edge gives the operatora clear view of the contactpoint, and the area being inspected.

With the addition of the optional Magnetic Hold Downs, theoperator uses their width to quickly align the Bridging PitGauge System to a curved surface. This leaves his handsfree to scan through very large areas of weight loss corrosion.This holds true when the Bridge Elements have beenassembled with a slight contour on an irregular surface.

Kit Contents

  • N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge Indicator (Inch, Metric or Digital)
  • N88-9-1 Main Blade - Center and End Dial Indicator Mounting Positions, Fitted Permanent Magnets. Cutaway Nose for next to welds. 5.5 (144mm) long.
  • N88-9-7 Fastener Kit (Hardware) - Fasteners, Allen Key, Nylon Thumb Screws, #1 Contact Point-Standard.
  • N88-9-8 Carrying Case - Hard Sided Plastic Carrying Case for entire kit
  • Operator Manual


Zeroing Dial Indicator

  • The vertical position of the Contact Point, needs to be Zeroed with respect to the Knife Edge of the Blade.
  • Zeroing can be accomplished in two ways; by adjusting the Height of the Dial Indicator in the Blade; or by Rotating the outer Bezel Scale while pressing on the Plunger onto a flat surface.

Scale Zeroing

  • To quickly check the Zero Point of the Dial indicator, place the Blade on a representative smooth surface.
  • Gently press the Plunger, until the contact point touches the surface.
  • While the contact point is on the surface, loosen the Bezel Lock, and rotate the Bezel Scale until it reads '0' with respect to the pointer.

Height Zeroing

  • Loosen the Fastener(s) holding the Dial Indicator in place.
  • Hold the Blade firmly on a Flat Surface, and gently press the body of the Dial Indicator down until the contact point touches the flat surface.
  • Carefully re-tighten the Clamp Fastener(s) or the Set Screw.
  • Any fine zeroing can be done by rotating Bezel Scale on the Indicator.
  • Height Zeroing should be done, whenever the unit is put into to use.

Zeroing a Digital Indicator

  • Digital Indicators can be Height Zeroed or Positioned in the same way as a Mechanical Dial Indicator.
  • To Zero the Digital Indicator simply press the Zero Button when the Contact Point is on a reference point. If the Digital Indicator is Height Zeroed, press Zero when the Plunger is fully retracted.
  • To select Metric or Imperial Measurement, simply press the mm/in Button.Whennot in use, press the On/Off Button to turn the Indicator off.

Indicator Positioning

  • The position (or rotation) of the Dial indicator can be changed by simply loosening the Clamp Fasteners or Set Screw, and rotate the Dial Indicator about the Blade.
  • After the Dial Indicator is rotated, the unit should be Dial Zeroed.

Magnetic Hold Downs

  • Magnetic Hold Downs are intended for Scanning with a Bridging Pit Gauge,however they can be used on any of the Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge Group, witha diminished range of motion. Magnetic Hold Downs also provide theinspector with increased mobility, as he is not required to support theBridging Pit Gauge.


Dial and Digital Indicators
Metric Dial IndicatorRange:
Dial Diam.
0.0-12.7 mm
0.01 mm
35.5 mm
Imperial Dial IndicatorRange:
Dial Diam.
Digital IndicatorRange:
Dial Diam.
0.0-12.7 mm
56 mm, 2.2"
Measuring Corrosion (Depth)
1-Standard Tip0.040" diam.#1 Contact Point-Standard N88-S
2-Conical Tip0.010" diam.#2 Contact Point-Conical N88-C
3-Needle Tip0.005" diam.#3 Contact Point-Needle N88-N

* Western offers a variety of Contact Points, which are all 0.625" (16mm) long.Any ADG Contact point can be used with our specialdial indicators, but a different length may affect Height Zeroing, or the vertical position of the Dial Indicator. Contact Points are easily replaced, by extending the Contact Point , and turning it counter clockwise.

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Western Instruments N88-9B Bridging Pit Gauge - Data Sheet
Western Instruments N88-9B Basic Bridging Pit Gauge - Literature
Western Instruments N88-9B Bridging Pit Gauge - Kit Content Details

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Western Instruments N88-9B-M Basic Bridging Pit Gauge 5-1/2" Long, Metric Dial Indicator $460.00
Accessories Price
N88-9-1 Main Blade Center & End Indicator Mounting Positions, 5.5" Long $330.00
N88-9-2 Connector Blade, 3.5" Long $85.00
N88-9-3 End Blade, 1.5" Long $55.00
N88-9-4 Slider Blade, 3.5" Long (Sider blade doubles as a End Blade for Spanning Configuration) $65.00
N88-9-5 Scaled Tee Sections, 12" Long (Required for Magnetic Option) $80.00
N88-9-7 Fasteners & Wrench Kit (Allan key, Contact Point, 18 x 10-24 Button Head Machine Screws, Nylon Fasteners) $20.00
N88-9P-5 Plus Scaled Tee Sections, 25" Long $110.00
N88-9-6P Magnetic Hold Down Block (2 recommended) $85.00
N88-S Contact Point, Standard Tip #1 $15.00
N88-C Contact Point, Conical Tip #2 $15.00
N88-N Contact Point, Needle Tip #3 $30.00
N88-X Contact Point Extension $20.00
N88-I Imperial "Inch" Dial Indicator $70.00
N88-M Metric Dial Indicator $75.00
N88-D Digital Inch/Metric Indicator $165.00
N88-DI Software & Communication Cable for Digital Indicaror $120.00



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