Western Instruments N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge
Western Instruments N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge
Price: $ 920.00 to $ 1,065.00
Western Instruments N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge
Measuring Range: 0.0-0.5" (0.0 - 12.7 mm)
Resolution: 0.001" (0.01 mm)
Dial Diameter: 1.4" (35.5 mm)
The Bridging Pit Gauge can be assemble up to a length of 28.5" (724 mm) long; can be extended if necessary
Available with dial or digital indicators
The Western Instruments N88-9 Bridging Pit Gauge is used to measure Dents and Buckles on Pipelines, Shell Settlement on Storage Tanks, etc. These various forms of Bridging Bars can utilize any of our exclusive Dial Indicators (Imperial, Metric, or Digital), with any of our Custom Engineered Contact Points. Western's advanced Bridging Pit Gauge System and our new Jr. Bridging Pit Gauge take over, where the capabilities of our standard Pit Gauges fall short, for evaluating large areas of Weight loss Corrosion. There are several important features to a Segmented Bridge, where various elements (Blades and Tees) are assembled to form a Bridging Bar. Firstly, they can be assembled to follow the contour of a slightly irregular surface. This contouring feature is important for Pipeline, Storage Tank, and Pressure Vessel inspections, where 'hills and valleys' always exist. Secondly, the models listed below are of a given length, however extra elements can be added to increase their over all length. As illustrated, these units can be assembled in Spanning or Cantilevering configurations, and finally, the Main Blade can be used individually for isolated or cone type Pitting.

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